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Podcast Sponsorship In 8 Easy Steps >>

  • Step 1- Sponsor completes the Podcast Sponsor Form below.
  • Step 2- FFTB contacts sponsor to schedule a call to discuss the opportunity and answer any questions.
  • Step 3- Sponsor selects a sponsorship package and signs the agreement and sends payment
  • Step 4- Sponsor emails [email protected] with 10-20 talking points about their brand/product.
  • Step 5- The FirefighterToolbox creative team writes a few “mentions” scripts and are sent to the sponsor for approval.
  • Step 6- Sponsor reviews and approves the “mentions” scripts
  • Step 7- David J Soler records these “About our Sponsors” and “mentions” reads and are then sent to the sponsor for final approval.
  • Step 8- Once approved and account is paid as per agreement, the “About our Sponsors” and “mentions” are use on the shows as per the agreement. The audience hears the mentions and about our sponsors and becomes aware of these products and services and then requests more information and proposals
  • RESULTS = Sponsor’s brand awareness goes up and their relationship with firefighters increases yielding increased sales.


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